Sunday, June 20, 2010

tag dari aten23 pulak:)

aten:thank fer this TAG yaw:)
Full Name :

Birthdate :
12 november 1992

Current Status :
single but not available okay

What are your most fear ?
oh my GOD

Drowning and Burnt - which you more afraid of ?
mesty la 2 2. sbb 2 2 boleh buat i mati wow!

10 phone numbers you remember :
eh ngek! takan na gtaw. no no tu smue privacy okay!ty.:)

10 birthdates you remember :
-17 november
-21 november
(okay fyi, birthday2 ni trus dtg serta merta kat pale otak aq.tak pikir pon. and finally,
tgkla.byk nov an.HAHA. sebab dorang same bulan dgn aq.tu yg lagy ingta weyh)

If you got a jackpot - a trip to Mauritius Island and you can only bring 3 people along , who will you choose ?
ni tok honeymoon boleh la.HAHA. mesty bwk  husband,cameraman and emandu pelancong.HAHA

You are on a dessert and you were fucking-thirsty . You then found a golden teapot . You rubbed it and a genie came out . He'll granted you anything you wish for but only one . What will it be ?
WALAWEYH! nak ape ekh?belom terpikir lagy:p

If you got a chance to swap into another family , whose family would you wanted to be in ?
aq bersyukur sangat dgn family yg skarang sebab aq sayang deurg.
takde deurg takde aq an:)
tpi, mse kecik2,aq penah nk merasa masuk family yg ade sibling pompuan weyh.
macam best je maen masak2 taw.HAHA

5 prime wishes you really wish to be granted :
-yes! mestilaa berjaye ouh
-boleh balas semue jasa my parent.sob sob
-nak kilang coklat! boleh tak?
-mudahkan lah dpt keje. sbb skng pluang dah sempit
-succes with my electronic kos. tpi at the sme time, kalu blh, nak bjaye gak in TOURISM course:)

You are an expecting mother . Will you run the test to check on your baby's sex ?
mesty mesty mesty!HAHA. mesty ta tido malam kalu dpt tau baby girl!!ohoi!:)

If you got the chance to change your current name now , what would it be ?
weyh! name aq tak cukup ayu ke skang?haha

Do you support mix-marriage ?
ehe. kalu rezeki ape salahnye:)

If you have the Time Traveller machine , what will you do ?
kilang kilang! bukan kilang tu aw.! tpi kilang COKLAT aq nk bina skang gak! nyum nyum

What's the time of your life ?
i donnow

Do you really have your aim in life ?
of kos la ade.:) macam2

Your next tags ?

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