Friday, July 22, 2011

miss you

I can't forget the times weve shared together. The sadness and the happiness,the failure and success, the simple hugs and those tender kisses. I Dont know when it will gonna happen again, seems like a part of me was gone. I miss all of that, I miss you B..
 I miss us..
A call for you means I'm missing you.You may be out of my sight... but never out of my mind.
When I miss you, I don't have to go far ..I just have to look inside my heart because that's where I'll find you.
Having no communication with you for awhile is like drinking coffee without sugar, it's not complete or should I say my life is not complete when you are not here beside me. I miss you.
Days go by so fast, not a day do I not think of you. Missing you is the hardest part of my days, my days without you..


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