Thursday, December 24, 2009

always remember this

mariam,dont let your beautiful tears flow from your beatiful brown eyes because of GUY,hunn! take a good care of as i see you before.there's a lot of things in scholl we just need to be strong.from now on,you just dont easily trust people's promises.because WHY?? cus of promises you lose everythings!look forward and dont ever try to look back and you dont regret what you've done on the past in what you think you should do.friends may come and go and i will stay to be your friend for ever and ever. last but not least, I LOVE YOU ATY<3

hey,thnk fer this speech girl
yes i will darl. i alwys remember this.
dont worry okay. i try my best to not easier to trust someone.
and most important
i'll throw the fucking things from my mind okay.
thnkz for everythg girl.thx to be my friend and alwys with me everytime i need someone.
thank thank thank
last word for you:I LOVE YOU FRIEND

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